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Why Gifting Works?

Did you ever hear about “Know -Like-Trust” principle?

It takes time to develop a relationship and trust is achieved through being visible, being likeable and building credibility. You do this over time. Giving mall gifts are thoughtful ways to stay in front of the important people in your life.


pop byProspects, clients long to feel appreciated. Find reasons to appreciate others with small gifts. This may be for their support, their business or a thank you for a referral. This small investment has a huge potential for return in building relationships and creating loyalty.

Acknowledge an award, birthday, special day with a small gift. Your client, special person will never forget this because you are creating a nice experience for them. What you offer should be an experience in pure luxury, like a box of truffles for example. It may be small, but it creates an experience that is different, unexpected, a little surprise and most likely unparalleled, because most people don’t take the time to send a token of appreciation, much less one that you’ve put thought into and of good quality.


How did you say Thank You?

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Corporate gifts do more than just advertise a business or product. A successful gifting program will reinforce the business experience and enhance the image that the business aims to project. It reminds the client or worker that they are valued by the company. The range and scope of corporate gifts is staggering. First Class travel and accommodation, gifts of computers or plasma televisions, long lunches and dinners in gourmet restaurants are all frequent corporate gifts in selected industries. Our list however, is intended to target a wider area of society where the intention is to communicate a positive image of a company and send a simple “Thank you, do come again” message to its clients or workers. Just about everything on the list lends itself to have a company or product logo applied.

Excellent gifts ideas

officeA tie, scarf, t-shirt, sports jacket, football t-shirt, baseball cap, beanie, sun visor, manicure set, umbrella, watch, sunscreen, body lotion, shower gel or novelty soaps are gift solutions. Games can be good fun. Desktop darts, boule set, backgammon, pack of cards, chess set, yo yo, or board game could happily wear your logo. However, why not do something different. Stand out from the rest of the crowd. Great gift ideas may include these items but including them in a gift basket which has been personalized can make a big difference. Imagine handing a customer a gift wrapped with some products with your logo, but this time it has the name of your customer on it, now that’s a win. This person feels special and will remember that you took the time to make them feel that way.


Also remember, corporate gifts may eventually find their way into the home and you never know who is going to see your gifts. Make it memorable.

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