The best gift ideas.

c1_FotorIs it time for presents again? Did December and Christmas just creep up upon us? Yes, that’s right, I can’t believe it. you looking for the best gift you can find for a Golfer, someone who is going through chemotherapy and may need a pick me up, someone who you need to thank for  all they’ve done for you during the year? I haven’t been to the stores so don’t really know how crazy it is this year. We buy presents to create, develop or continue friendships…. it’s that time of the year I so enjoy and I love sharing my these good feelings.

I love getting into the festive and holiday Christmas spirit – the Christmas lights, the Christmas music and movies. It’s an obsession with me and I just have this insatiable  need to create that beautiful feeling. Forbes reported on a study on the Christmas Spirit: Forbes Study on Christmas Spirit.

It’s Christmas time, people all over are looking for great ideas.The best gift subscription ideas need to be personalized for them to be memorable. How about doing something different for your customers? A gift-giving subscription. There are companies that are starting these services and they can also make them personalized. These appreciation gifts don’t have to cost a lot. Check this out for less than $5 per client: Personalized Client Gifts

Well, here are some ideas for Christmas presents that are out of the ordinary. Some people remember the days of the Moon Pie and an RC Cola! Are you old enough to remember this? If not ask your parents or grandparents. Find out what brings back memories for your clients.


If you’re in the service industry, staying top-of-mind with your clients is important. Successful companies need to show clients/partners  appreciation in a genuinely thoughtful way. One of the methods of accomplishing this is through a small reach-out-and-touch gifting subscription service. For the high end customers, how about a wine of the month club. I love visiting local wineries. A wine country gift basket or just a  wine subscription will definitely leave a lasting impression.


Do they need some cheese and crackers for that relaxing glass of wine?


Part of the attraction of subscription gift-giving is that it streamlines gifting and keeping in constant touch with your customers.  It still requires planning and finding unique gifting ideas that would be a perfect fit because you’re going to be sending someone a gift on a consistent basis, it should be something they like! Examples of the unique gifts may be local products – honey, coffee, locally made candles, utensils, socks, pet treats or toys, magazine subscriptions,


The Busy Bee of A Businesswoman:

A perfect gift  to sends may includes samples of beauty products, techno gadgets that makes their lives easier. A blue tooth speaker, jazzy earbuds. I just found out about a tracker for your keys. If you lose them,  it sends an alert to your phone and using GPS locates your keys! Does she like fruit?


The person who loves comfy:

Who doesn’t appreciate a good pair of socks or a warm throw? Something comfy can sent to clients every month to keep on top of their minds. Every time they put on those trendy socks, or wrap themselves in that warm blanket, they’ll think of your generosity  and your company will come up in conversations every meeting they have. You can them it by the month, the season, savvy styles, animals, colors, designers. There are so many choices.

The Happy Healthy Chef:

Consider gifting plans that are memorable,  one of a kind such as  a custom engraved set of cutlery. Every month different piece of utensil to fill a wooden block.

The Pet Lover:

Do you have a client who sends you favorite photos of her pet? It can be so easy to get to her heart and will keep you in good favor with the whole householdby sending treats and toys.

The Health Enthusiast:

An easy option is to send a health subscription service. Find out what they like and look for a great magazine that you know they’ll appreciate. This is such a great gift idea for the health nut. Are they constantly reading about the new zero- net-carbohydrates- zero calories -no gluten – made of a healthy natural fiber foods?


Obviously, some of these gift ideas are fairly personal, so you may want to make sure you have created a good relationship before sending them a monthly gift that they will appreciate and think about you first when the time comes for your services.

Staying at the top of your customer’s minds

Studies have shown that this as a great way to stay in clients’ minds, show appreciation for them, and connect on a personal level. Do you know that the one thing that drives your customers away is that they don’t feel appreciated. Keeping a present customer is so much easier than expending time and resources in trying to find a new one.  Find ways to show that you know what they’re passionate about — whether that’s fluffy socks or their gerbil helps them enjoy that passion.




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