What’s The Worst Gift You Ever Received?


What’s the Worst Gift You Ever Received?

I was looking at Quora, a website that asks questions and folks from all over the world can answer the questions.  I saw this question, what’s the worst gift you ever got and I thought this was a great topic!

This one made me laugh out loud:

  • She got a cappuccino maker.

So what’s the problem? A cappuccino maker is such a great gift-idea. The problem was, she didn’t drink coffee or cappuccino. When she asked her husband about the thought behind the gift he said it’s because  “you love cappuccino”. She then reminded him that that was his ex-wife! Yikes, wonder if she’s now his new ex-wife?

Fish1.jpgAs you may be aware, I’m into gifts and gift-giving. It is my passion. I  love to give and receive really great presents. I get questions on what are the best gifts for my boyfriend or husband, since it so much
tougher to buy for a guy that a gal, isn’t it? Unless you get beer or golfing, or fishing gifts but you really need to know what they like. Most people in who have a hobby already have everything they need, so you need to come up with gift ideas on how to take care of their wants.

realtorI love  helping my family and friends who ask for ideas on homemade gift basket or for a guy who doesn’t want a gift-basket but could always could use a new toolbox with some great snacks while he’s tooling around the house and may even get him to do a project. People love to give when they receive. Try it sometime and see what happens.

How about  your next door neighbor going through a tough time with her chemo treatments. If you need ideas on a4938a-tea2bbasket “Chemo care package” get a beautiful mug, some great teas, honey and honey sticks, pretty flowers or a new best seller or movie that she hasn’t read or seen.






Here are some of the funniest (or saddest, however you look at it) comments on Quora.

  • A plastic rose from her husband.

Mind you she had mentioned that she didn’t like receiving flowers because of her love of nature so in his mind, this was something she’d appreciate. rose.jpgShe may be one of those folks who has a similar belief to one of my guru’s, Eckhardt Tolle. He says that If you see a flower that you love don’t pick it, because by picking it it dies and it ceases to be what you love. I think about that every time I want to pick a flower and put it in my hair. I know it’ll be dead in a matter of minutes, but I love having a flower in my hair. It feels so exotic.

So here are a few more.

  • A top she already owned because he was sure she’d like it since she’d bought it.
  • Another person received expired cosmetics from a male work colleague.

Turns out he asked his mother, who worked at Avon, for help  and what does his mother do? She gathers up whatever unsold cosmetics she’d find around the house, threw them in a gift bag, and gave it to her son as a gift for his co-worker. Some of these items were downright insulting as presents – shaving wax or wrinkle minimizing creams.

Now really, please put a little thought into your gifts. Coffee Gift-BasketGet some coffee they love, a pretty cup, some snacks. It really doesn’t take too much time to create a pretty package and no, it doesn’t need to look like a gift-designer made it. If you really want someone to know you care take that extra time to tie a pretty bow and make sure your gift doesn’t end up on the uglies gift website. Sometimes your loved ones may be happy with anything handmade, a poem, a drawing, an afternoon in the park, anything but a silk rose!


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