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85d2b-me1Stay Top of Mind

So many of us are really bad at “sales”. I’m here to tell you that sales is no longer a dirty word. It can be made exciting if you develop a gifting program It is also less than expensive than traditional marketing. Instead of cold calling, drop by with a small gift which says “Your Referral is My Best Compliment” or thank your referrer with a some tea and cookies and they will remember you. Stay Top-Of-Mind with drop-by and Pop-by gifts. They’ll no longer dread seeing you and will be salivating when you show up.
Successful corporate gifting programs cultivate an emotional connection with you, your company and your brand.

So how do you ensure your corporate gifting program and marketing plan keeps your brand in mind the morning after? And how do you maintain it beyond the morning after? Be Different, Brand yourself and sure your product is useful.


Be Different
Thoughtful design takes the old, worn ideas and converts them into gifts that stay on desks, in women’s purses and the executive’s pockets.

Branded Yourself – by color, style, logo
No one wakes up every morning remembering you. Keep your brand top-of-mind with gifts, marketing products that remind recipients of your brand.
Make sure your product is useful
If not, it’ll go into the circular bin. Choose a gift designed for use and where they may be thinking of your brand when the time is right.

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At Beartown Baskets we choose what goes into our baskets. We will always be tasting and searching for the best ingredients. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We want you to be satisfied with every purchase. If there is a problem, We will find a way to FIX IT. If any item falls short of your expectations, please notify us immediately. Our goal is for you, our customer, to be happy with your purchase and to bring joy to your recipient.

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