Tips For A Successful Gift Basket Business


Let’s have a heart to heart about your gift basket business. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you’ve marketed and marketed, spent tons of money on reaching your market . You’ve given away baskets upon baskets, because everyone wants a free basket for a door prize or a charity or just because it’s beautiful and they think it’s easy, anybody can do a basket, right!  Your family and friends think it’s all play and no work. They haven’t seen the detail that goes into creative design or the long hours you spend creating beautiful handmade bows, adding the extra touch that makes someone proud to give the gift basket to their clients, employees, friends and family.

Finally, you’ve become successful, your clientele grows and the doubters have realized that you were not just playing – this is lucrative business. People don’t have the time or the interest in creating gifts, but gifting is one of the ways we create and retain relationships.

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Now that you’ve gotten those clients who would rather pursue their passions like hiking, biking, golfing, gardening than creating gifts, it’s  so important to keep these fantastic clients. Do you know what can you do to make sure your clients who have funded your passion and dreams stay with you over the long haul?

Tip #1

Become an advisor.

One way to keep your customers coming back again and again is to become an advisor. Help them figure out their needs. Ask questions – color, style, likes of the giftee and make yourself someone they can turn to when they run out of ideas. Offer advice and insight, but only if they ask you a question or for your advice. It is a bonus gift – your expertise as a gift designer.

Tip# 2

Follow through. 

People don’t wake up every morning thinking they need to call you. And if they do, it’s probably too late and they’re going to be in emergency mode.

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Tip # 3

Get Away from the Computer and Pop-By

Every heard of a pop-by or a drop-by gift?  It asks for the referrals, so you don’t have to. Use your skills as a designer to create memorable ‘Pop-bys’ which are small gifts given to clients face-to-face when you pop by or drop by their place. They help deepen your relationship and gives you an opportunity to connect. Most people add a  tagline that’s sometime cute, sometime corny but it has the impact that you’re looking for. It helps them remember you.


The gifts make it fun, memorable, and unabashedly asks for the referral so you don’t have to. it can be an effective part of your marketing to promote your business or their business. They can become one of the favorite parts of your business. Pop-bys show your customers the true value of your dedication to them and the care you take to think about them.

Tip #4

Keep front of mind.

Sometimes clients drop-by away. Make sure they keep you in the front of their mind by touching base on a regular basis.

  • Connect with them on social media and send them information from which they might benefit.
  • Send them a hand-written note. Keeping your customer in mind will help them remember you and that they need your services.
  • Get away from the computer and visit your customers. Pass by and just say ‘Hi’ with a Pop-By gift. Here are some great options: Pop-by Ideas 25 examples from the Pros.  Surprise and delight your customers and they’ll come back for your services again and again.


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