The Gift of Living in the Now


The Gift of My Boss’ Advice

I received some advice as a young career woman starting off:

  1. Make lots of money – hate the job, may be okay.
  2. Make little money – love the job, may be okay too.
  3. Make little money – hate the job, then it’s time to move on!

There’s a 4th one that I’ve created for myself. I used to really enjoy my job, but I’ve been doing it for a long, long time. Though it’s great money and fairly easy, it’s stifling my creativity and it’s time to move on! That’s where gifts and gift-giving came into my life.

Take Time For Your Life:

One thing I did, starting in my 30s, was to travel. It taught me that I should have exercised more, gotten involved in physical activities.


By the time I reached my 30s, I was not in the condition I needed to be in, to do all that I wanted – to hike mountains, bike though vineyards, rock climb etc. I was however, lucky to get a chance to do some of before I had to give up the strenuous activities. I’ve traveled quite a bit and I’m glad that I fit travel in when I was younger (and had the energy).

Give Yourself the Gift of Living in the Now.

I often ask myself, what is the point of saving and not enjoying  my daily life, just so I can enjoy retirement?  My answer came years later when I was able to afford to live where I wanted to, in retirement. I have saved all my life, and still work my day job, but am slowly transitioning into my role as CEO of my life and my business, Gift Basket Villas and this is my passion:

Award winner
It’s not only the gift – it’s where you create it.

The Gift of Health & Passion over Money

I am finding that I no longer value money over my health and passion. When what we do no longer is a journey you want to be on, it’s time to get off that train, to start living fully and in the moment.



Enjoy Life’s Moments


I’ve pretty much lived by the 1st choice – good job, decent salary. However, I’m ready to move on. I am no longer that young woman and I need to  stay true to myself.

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