Asking for a Referral with Pop-Bys.

 Asking For a Referral

Sometimes it can be awkward to ask for a referral, however it’s much easier to request referrals before, during, and after working with a client who was satisfied with your performance. Remember to tell your customers at the end of a successful transaction that the highest compliment our customers can give us is to recommend us to a friend and you would really appreciate their referrals.

Marketing Strategy

One really fun marketing strategy is the use of a Drop-by or Pop-by. It has been proven to have positive results with minimal costs and can become an important function to be included in your corporate gift-giving marketing strategy.

Pop-By and Drop-By gifts

Pop-bys are small gift given to clients – generally if they drop-by your office or you pop-by theirs. There is no longer a need for cold calling.  Just a quick “just popping-by to say ‘Hi’ and a face-to-face chat so you keep top of your customer’s mind. It may be a surprise to you, but customers don’t always have you or remember to tell their friends about you, as their top priority.pop by The intended purpose of dropping by, chatting and giving a small gift is to deepen your relationship and provide the best oppurtunity to make a connection. Most people add a quirky “tag” on the gift to make memorable. Thereby, ultimately promoting themselves and their business.

Pop-bys have been proven to deepen your relationships and if you do as previous mentioned and let the gift do the asking (see picture) clients are more likely to make referrals. Pop-bys can, if you do it often enough and get really good at your tag lines, become my favorite part of you business. The true value of a Pop-by is showing your customers that your care enough to invest time and effort in your relationship with them.

Industries that can use Pop-By gifts as referral requests.

pop by 1

Pop-By/Drop-by Gifting can be used by:
Insurance Companies
Real Estate Agents
Construction Companies
Recruitment Offices
Electronic Companies
Golf Associations
Pharmaceutical RepresentativesAccountants
Financial Institutions
Health Management
Nursing Homes
Auto Shops

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