How to Brand Your Company

The Huge Difference Between Marketing and Branding

Branding helps clarify what you are (or aren’t). Marketing, on the other hand, will help your potential customers find your product.

Clarifying your brand helps display your attributes, personality, values

Branding should be one of the foundations of any marketing effort. Branding is not selling, but inviting your customers to use your services because they believe in your company, you or your product.  You can communicate this  through how you present yourself or your company – are you sloppy or polished, do you want to look like a villa or a townhome, do you want to be the grape or the wine?  It’s what sticks in your customer’s mind when they associated you with your product or service. For example, people may not remember their gift, but they will remember how it made them feel.

Social Media and Branding

The use of social media branding is like leading your Customers into first becoming Members of Your Club and they gradually start to know, like and trust you. The then become your Followers. Branding makes loyal customers. They then become great referrers who publicly furthers your cause, spreading your good news to those who need your service.  Keeping in front of your customers with branding helpers to consistently contact others who have shown their affinity for you and eventually show a spontaneous or natural liking to your products.

Branding is essentially an expression of who you are, the truth or value of your company, product, or service. It requires valuable, helpful content that is constantly being refreshed – new information, trends on the latest products and services, constant engagement, starting conversations.

The Bottom Line

To build your brand you must get to know your customers, constantly produce fresh and valuable content, and target your audience accordingly.

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