New Trend – Authentic Gift-Giving

Gift Giving Trend

As the owner of a gift-giving company, Gift Basket Villas, in New Bern NC, I am finding that gift-givers want to know where their clothes, furniture and most importantly especially what they eat is healthy. They also want to know that they’re sending these products to their friends, family, clients. They’re looking for natural, organic, healthy snacks and well made products. It also matters if the products are coming from a local vendor or China. People want to send gifts that tell stories, especially in an age when so few gifts are store bought, artificial and don’t tell authentic stories. A product with a ‘Made in China’ label is no longer in vogue.

Seeking Authentic

Gift Basket designers are finding out that anything that hints of the hand-made, artisan, creative design, is what people are looking for. People are responding much more authentic, design as opposed to ‘Made In China’ products. It’s clearly a time to make genuine connections with the folks in our lives. Vintage, ethnic, Victorian-inspired, homespun and maybe even groovy-fare is also the trend. Anything artisan – look, taste, anything that’s hand spun or even gives the appearance of being handmade. I really prefer, things that have age and character.They want their friends and family to read a novel they are sure they’d enjoy, while they are sipping a cup of tea that they’ve send them or by candlelight made by the local candle maker.

A Renaissance

In a big way, this is a can be described as a reawakening, a rebirth, a renaissance of what was old is new again. You don’t have to spend that much to get the perfect gift, who selected a number of artisan and particular objects at more accessible prices. As described in a New York Times article explained that gifts need to be meaningful. “Margaret Visser states in ‘The Gift of Thanks’ — that gift-giving, like most rituals, is a form of social glue. And the strength of that adhesive is in direct proportion to the amount of energy and effort the giver has expended, or appears to have expended.” Consumers want to know that the things they purchase are being made by someone in their community and they want to know the story of the person making the gifts.


A large number of people also want their gifts to be particularly special and to know that the gifts are distinctive and in some way special to whomever they are sending it. In the NYT’s article “Ms. Visser even suggests that decrying the commercialism of the season is an important part of the ritual. “Our struggles and complaints mean, in part, that the gifts we have bought have manifestly cost us trouble,” she writes. “We may not actually have made them, but everyone is aware — our own grumbling making sure it is understood — that work, freely undertaken, went into their acquisition.”

It’s easy to let the experts help give you show your family, friends, employees, clients and coworker that you have worked hard to give from authentically, from your heart.

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