To Give Or Not to Give.


As a gift basket small business owner I read about gift-giving. I found this one funny and memorable on  A woman was asked what’s the worst gift she ever received? Her answer, a rose!

Giving a rose as a gift – great gesture, right?

The woman had mentioned to her husband that she didn’t like receiving flowers, because of her love of nature, so in his mind this was something she’d appreciate – a plastic rose. I’m sure she’ll think very carefully before she speaks next time. Is this where we say – it’s the thought that counts!

Zen gurus say if you see a flower that you love don’t pick it, let it be. Enjoy the moment and later the memory of the beauty. If you pick the flower, it quickly dies and ceases to be for you or others to enjoy.

roseI think about that every time I want to pick a flower and put it in my hair. I know it’ll be dead in a matter of minutes, but I love having a flower in my hair. It feels so exotic and I’m not yet so evolved.


Would you give a cappuccino maker as a gift?

capuccinoThis one made me laugh out loud. So what’s the problem? A cappuccino maker is such a great gift-idea. The problem was, she didn’t drink regular coffee nor even liked cappuccino. When she asked her husband about the thought behind the gift he said it’s because “you love cappuccino”. She then reminded him that that was his ex-wife! Yikes, wonder if she’s now his new ex-wife?

We all need to put some thought into gift-giving. It could have been a number of things such as a plant instead of that plastic rose or a rose clip for her hair or a scarf with pretty flowers. And sometimes we need to remember to whom we’re married.

Do any of you have a problem with being called ‘Honey’ by your husband/significant other? Would love to hear your answers.

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