Halloween Gifts

85d2b-me1Halloween is on October 31 as you may know, make sure you get your Halloween Gifts are fun, scary, savory and a delight to receive. Halloween is a holiday where even the adults eat the kids’ candy. I’ve been wrongfully accused by my nieces and nephews of stealing their candy but in all actuality, they were the very same candy I gave them, so is that really stealing or just taking some back?

Halloween Gift Baskets

gt 7264c_Junk_Food_Basket__21949.1456266332Keep it simple (and classic) by having a complete Halloween gift basket delivered right to their door. Depending on their tastes, you can select a basket to fit their preferences. Baskets can be filled with mixed candies and cookies of all varieties. I’m sure they would not mind if you get fancy with gourmet gifts or  gift boxes for the older trick or treaters.

Halloween Treats

What more could you ask for than delicious chocolate-covered treats? Halloween chocolates and Halloween Cookies can be great decorations and easy to serve as dessert! Movie passes can also be added to halloween gifts as there’s you can always find a scary movie showing around this time of year.

Customized Halloween Gifts

Since we focus so much on candy, feel free to get away from gifting that and get them something personalized. You can customize a trick-or-treat bucket with their name on it, or add a decoration for the house  that the whole family can enjoy. If you don’t want to give out candy or the person can’t eat sweets, you may want to consider a fun Halloween puzzle or scary halloween books to keep them entertained and participating in the spirit of the holiday.

Keep the kids occupied with a scary Halloween Movie

For the older kids who are too old for trick or treating,  a Halloween movie may be a good option. Add popcorn and you have a great night where they can be safe and have fun with their friends.


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