Gifting Programs for Your Business


Beartown Baskets is in the business of creating gifts for businesses to keep in front of their client’s minds. Remember, your clients don’t get up every morning thinking about you. Every once in a while you need to contact them so they know you’re still around and appreciate their business or their referral.


The lack of client gift-giving plan may be the one fundamental flaw in marketing your business, especially small businesses. A small investment nay potentially and exponentially outweigh the initial investment. Take for example a small gift that is given to a potential client that could result in thousands of dollars in income. This is the art of appreciation and go a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty.


This is not generally used only during the holiday season but giving gifts can benefit your business throughout the year. Let’s explore the gift-giving principle.

Why give gifts?

Of course it’s because everyone loves to receive gifts. Gifting branded token items to your potential customers, new clients, vendors and not forgetting your present customers is a great way to highlight your business’s identity and values, to stay in front of your customers. Remember, they do not get up every morning thinking about you.


What does a gift do?

It’s meant to reflect your brand, your company values, personality and shows a level of generosity and implies that you care about individual relationships.  Your customers and vendors will recognize the significance of these factors in creating long-standing relationships with a business. This art of appreciation and small act of kindness has major ramifications on your brand perception, the likelihood of these customers returning, repeat business and they’ll tell it to everyone, resulting in increased referrals.

This is not just a nice to do, it also helps you with cold calling, gives you a reason to reach out to your customer base without asking anything. It is an easy way to reconnect with people who you haven’t been in regular contact and does not come across as a sales pitch.

Typically, the gift can be less than $5 each. You can write off the expense and it can help create goodwill with your customers without having to develop an expensive marketing plan.


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