Bear Town Baskets Moves to Small Town – New Bern, NC.

cbb60-me1 Have you heard of New Bern?

As a small business owner of Bear Town Baskets, I was on a quest to find a quaint little town to grow some roots. I wasn’t sure it was something I could find and not really sure my gift basket business would thrive outside of a large city, but it was worth a try.

I was pleasantly surprised when I’ve recently found this beautiful little town,  New Bern, NC. Most people seem to have heard of it as a town on the way to the beaches, but for whatever the reason, it still appears to be a well kept secret.  This small town appears to be growing in leaps and bounds.

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It seems that a small percentage of natives still live here, however a lot of the folks I’ve met seem to have moved from elsewhere and lots of outsiders are moving in. This is evident in my encounters and I feel an embracing of diversity, new and different cultures and ideas.

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8 thoughts on “Bear Town Baskets Moves to Small Town – New Bern, NC.

  1. Love this. Born in New Bern, NC. No place that I had rather be. Thanks for your article.

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  2. I am not a native but have come to love the southern hospitality of the people here in New Bern. A friendly exchange of “hello” is spoken when one passes another on the street. This is a very refreshing treat to me since I have moved here from New York, where everyone just has a quest of getting to their next point of destination.

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    1. Hi Pamela,
      I am also a NY (Long Island) transplant and understand completely. I’ve been looking for a quaint little town to which I could run away and I found it!


  3. Great article! I’m a born-and-raised New Bernian, so I may see you around sometime! I’m only 17, but I love all the history and the quaintness of our (not-so) little town. 🙂

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    1. Hi Emily, I’m learning about the history and it is so interesting. I also love the weather, couldn’t believe it was warm enough to go boating just a couple days ago. It would be great to meet up with you sometime. Maybe I can start writing about the people who live here. That would be fun 🙂


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