10 Steps – How to Make a Gift Basket

Making a Gift Basket This can be easy if you have a creative streak or much more difficult if you’re just not into this stuff. I enjoy making handmade bows but it’s not for everybody. I’ll try and make this simple. Start by selecting a theme – I’m sure you’ll have something in mind –Continue reading “10 Steps – How to Make a Gift Basket”

New Trend – Authentic Gift-Giving

Gift Giving Trend As the owner of a gift-giving company, Gift Basket Villas, in New Bern NC, I am finding that gift-givers want to know where their clothes, furniture and most importantly especially what they eat is healthy. They also want to know that they’re sending these products to their friends, family, clients. They’re looking forContinue reading “New Trend – Authentic Gift-Giving”

A Pink Ribbon Gift – Cancer Survivor Gift

Chemotherapy or Cancer Patients Have you ever wondered what to give a friend who has had devastating news that they have cancer? This is a perfect gift for a friend who is a Cancer Survivor or Chemotherapy patient. These gift baskets are made with the most love and care.   Courage, Hope & Strength are just aContinue reading “A Pink Ribbon Gift – Cancer Survivor Gift”

How to Brand Your Company

The Huge Difference Between Marketing and Branding Branding helps clarify what you are (or aren’t). Marketing, on the other hand, will help your potential customers find your product. Clarifying your brand helps display your attributes, personality, values Branding should be one of the foundations of any marketing effort. Branding is not selling, but inviting your customers to use your services becauseContinue reading “How to Brand Your Company”

Mother’s Day – Sunday May 13

Did you need a reminder that Sunday May 13th is Mother’s Day?  You still have time to thank her  for caring for you. Reed B Markham clearly understands the role of a mother when he said that thoughtful mothers recognize that the joy of raising children comes in the daily journey, not in reaching a specific destination. MothersContinue reading “Mother’s Day – Sunday May 13”

Make Thanksgiving Table Questions Fun!

I can hear the groans when the question comes up: What are you most thankful for this year?…..but the things that we hear can be amazing, fun, interesting, heart-wrenching and incredible. So, don’t pass this one up. Want to get some fun conversations going? Here are some starters: Who is the most fun person atContinue reading “Make Thanksgiving Table Questions Fun!”