Local Gift Baskets in New Bern, NC

Downtown New Bern A charming little town.  The streets of downtown New Bern are are lined with gold…leaves that is, from the Ginkgo Biloba tree. It is one of those sights that makes for an awesome stroll downtown. With the summer and humidity, New Bern may not be for everyone but I’ve decided it is whereContinue reading “Local Gift Baskets in New Bern, NC”

Customized Gifting basket for New Bern, NC

National Gift Basket Award Winner – ‘Give it Light’ – New Bern Basket Fun Facts about New Bern: Founded in 1710, New Bern is the second oldest town in North Carolina. The Swiss and German settlement of New Bern was named in honor of the founder’s home, Bern, Switzerland. When Bern, Switzerland was founded, itContinue reading “Customized Gifting basket for New Bern, NC”

Getting Your Customers to Know Like Trust You

The reality is that your clients won’t come looking for you until you’ve mastered the “know, like, trust” factor. A high profile alone is not enough to convert prospects into customers. You must also build relationships to nurture your likeability, your trustworthiness, and your customers to know from whom they are purchasing. While you’re deliveringContinue reading “Getting Your Customers to Know Like Trust You”

Bear Town Baskets Moves to Small Town – New Bern, NC.

 Have you heard of New Bern? As a small business owner of Bear Town Baskets, I was on a quest to find a quaint little town to grow some roots. I wasn’t sure it was something I could find and not really sure my gift basket business would thrive outside of a large city, butContinue reading “Bear Town Baskets Moves to Small Town – New Bern, NC.”

Shop at Bear Town for Local New Bern, NC Gifts

 Check out these top five reasons to shop local in 2020: 1. You support the local New Bern economy. Did you know that approximately 67 cents for every dollar spent at small businesses stays in the community. Why not supports the local vendors in the New Bern economy. Instead of sending your hard earned moneyContinue reading “Shop at Bear Town for Local New Bern, NC Gifts”

Marketing with Personalized Ceramic Mugs

Personalized Ceramic Mugs for Your Business If you’re trying to boost business, personalized coffee mugs can make a lasting impact on your customers. Retail stores, coffee shops, tech startups and everyone else can take advantage of the many uses of custom-made mugs. Personalized Mugs – Benefits Businesses recognize that a personalized mug an easy marketingContinue reading “Marketing with Personalized Ceramic Mugs”

BearTown Baskets, Moves To New Bern, NC

BearTown Baskets.com – New Bern, NC creates personalized and customized gifts and gift baskets. We work with marketing managers, realtors, insurance companies, hotels, small and large businesses owners to implement gift-giving programs for customers retention, new customers and referrals. No budget is too small – we work within your budget. Ask us about our popular client-touch,Continue reading “BearTown Baskets, Moves To New Bern, NC”

New Bern, NC – Small Town USA

We’ve recently found the prettiest little town called New Bern in North Carolina where everyone knows our name (well, not quite but getting there). It’s that town that you mention and folks usually say “yep, it’s that place with all the bridges and lots of sailboats” but we’ve never stopped.   New Bern is approximately 35 milesContinue reading “New Bern, NC – Small Town USA”