Giving gives back and builds Relationships!


Did you know that gift-giving has been a tradition for thousands of years for a reason? It really helps you make another feel appreciated.  Through your gift giving, your relationship with your family, friends and even business contacts will be changed for the better. Trust will form. And when Trust forms the relationship will be cemented in important ways.

At Bear Town Baskets, we believe that regardless of your circumstance in life, you have the capacity to bless the life of another through service.  It’s been said that the giver, rather than the recipient, reaps the biggest psychological gains from a gift. Commercialism, however have tempted people to opt out of gift giving altogether. Surveys show that a large number of Americans think the holidays are too materialistic. However, psychologists have found that giving gifts is an important part of human interaction, it helps strengthen bonds with those you’re in contact – family, friends, clients.

There are many forms of of giving – you can give by offering meaningful service or a more meaningful gift at different times of the year rather than only during the holidays. There are a number of ways to create relationship:

1. A Referral – Every Company is looking for a way to grow and giving is especially important if you’re trying to build a business.
2. A Thoughtful Christmas Card – Take the time to make a list of the ten business people with whom you would like to develop a relationship. Send them a Christmas card with a special message personally written by you expressing your appreciation for their example and skill.
3. A Gift of Mentorship – When a young person asks to take you to lunch to pick your brain on something, go. Be generous with your time.
4. A Recommendation on LinkedIn – It is easy to simply click “endorse” on LinkedIn. What is far more meaningful to someone is to take the time to write a paragraph or two for the entire world to see on why you admire them.
5. Meaningful Comments on a Facebook Post or a Well-Considered Reply to Someone’s Tweet – It is really easy to click on “Like” or “Favorite”. It becomes special when someone goes the extra mile to comment on your Facebook post or your tweet with a sentence or two of meaningful commentary.
6. Customized/Personalized Gifts: A Gift That Reflects the Passion of the Receiver – Someone once surprised me by dropping a new set of golf clubs on my doorstep for a small kindness I had done for them. While the giver was not a golfer, it was clear that they were sincere and considerate as they thought about what I might enjoy.
7. Tickets or a Gift Card to a Restaurant, Opera or Ball Game – whatever the receiver would like best – Think back on a conversation you had with your business colleague. Make the gift special for them.
8. For Fun, A Corporate Decision Maker – a stainless steel engraveable device that can be spun to help guide one’s business choices.

9. Make sure your gift reflects the fact that you are thinking about them first and foremost.

10. Scratch your brain and think back on a discussion you had with your business associate.

  • Did they mention travel to the Greek Isles? A particular restaurant they loved?
  • A basketball team that was their favorite?
  • A song that they loved?

Martin Luther King, Jr once said: “Everybody can be great… because anyone can serve.”

Take the time to think deeply about what your gift will mean to them. Make it exclusive — something that would be special to them and not necessarily someone else.