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Bear Town Baskets moves to New Bern, NC.


Small Business Owner finds Quaint Town in NC

As a small business owner of Gift Basket Villas (now renamed BearTown Baskets to better reflect this beautiful town we’ve discovered and made our home) I was on a quest to find a quaint little town to grow some roots. I wasn’t sure it was something I could find and not really sure my gift basket business would thrive outside of a large city, but it was worth a try.

There are over 50 bears in New Bern and is one of the reasons visitors flock to New Bern. These hand-painted bear designs are on life-size  bears. These bears, in historic downtown are decorated with absolutely gorgeous colors, artistic designs, hats, flags, flowers and each bear is uniquely designed. Check out Visit New Bern for details.


I was pleasantly surprised when to find the quaintest, hidden gem of a town,  New Bern, NC. Most people seem to have heard of it as a town on the way to the beaches, but for whatever the reason, it still appears to be a well kept secret.  This small town appears to be growing in leaps and bounds. But, shhh don’t tell anyone our secret!

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It seems that a small percentage of natives still live here, however a lot of the folks I’ve met seem to have moved from elsewhere and lots of outsiders are moving in. This is evident in my encounters and I feel an embracing of diversity, new and different cultures and ideas.

New Bern is a charming little town. 

The streets are lined with gold…leaves that is, from the Ginkgo Biloba tree, in  downtown New Bern.


With the summer and humidity, New Bern may not be for everyone but I’ve decided it is where I am going to live the rest of my life. I have found the most beautiful area to live in and am not sure how this accident came about that I found it.

Gift Baskets in the Harbour

Keep an eye out for other articles about the evolution of experience as a small business owner in a small town and BearTown Baskets. I am very excited about this part of my adventure. I’ll keep you posted.

A must see and taste – Cow Cafe ice-cream. My favorite is Mooberry.


Read more about New Bern, NC:

Gift Baskets, Gifts, Lifestyle - Articles Blogs Opinions, North Carolina, Quaint Towns

Look Beyond the Basket


Bear Town Baskets (formerly Gift Basket Villas) is now in New Bern, NC

As a small woman owned business in New Bern NC also known as Bear Town (have you heard of our infamous bears?), it’s important to develop a plan that is unique to the area. Below I will describe a gift-giving plan to stand out above the crowd.cropped-20180827_1234451.jpg

Personalized your gifts: customized to New Bern whenever you can. Personalizing is also important, include a personal note with the name of the giftee for each gift.

  • Write a quick note to say you wish them a happy holiday season, and add in a personal sentence or two.  This can take a time, however, personalized notes go a long way and their absence is noticeable when a gift is accompanied by a generic card.



  • Time it Right: Receiving a gift after the fact defeats any good intention you had. If the majority of your clients go away over the holidays, send your gifts on the earlier side.

 Tried-and-true gift ideas:

  • Personalized Gift baskets with the name of the recipient. It makes them very happy!
  • Local products that you know they would like.
  • Branded good quality pens
  • Personalized gifts or stationery
  • Branded, personalized business card cases
  • Tickets to an upcoming event
  • Universal device chargers
  • Customized/personalized products – mugs
  • Locally made products

Just be – Different!

The great thing about gift-giving is that you can do it any time of year – don’t limit yourself to the holiday season. You want your gifts to be memorable and you want to stand out from the crowd. The crowd sends gifts on holidays. Be different,  not typical; do what makes the most sense and your small business will thrive – be authentic, be of service, be helpful and be thoughtful.

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The End of Cold Calling – Use Pop-By Gifts.


What are Drop-By or Pop-by gifts?

Try walking in with a little gift that lets them know they’re appreciated. The gifts are intended to deepen your relationship and provide an opportunity to connect.

It means the end of cold calling, as you know it!

60503-gbv2bgift2btagMost people add a catchy line with the gift to make it fun, memorable, and ultimately for inexpensive marketing purposes to promote their business.

They can become a favorite part of your business.

Each is done by hand, customized to the clients requirements.

These gifts, when customized, can include your name, company info and phone # with a quirkily, memorable tagline such as ‘Just Popping By to Say Hi’

Gift Basket Villas creates these are beautiful little gifts to be given to clients to create, maintain and grow relationships. There is no longer need for cold calling. These gifts ensure you’re are a welcomed sight.