Best Things about Thanks-Giving.

  Family and Friends Creating lasting memories Family time Lunch, dessert, dinner and dessert again! Football Food induced coma and an afternoon nap.       Did you know? Thanksgiving Holiday Statistics Data The total number of Turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving Day 51,150,000 Total U.S. spending on Thanksgiving dinner food $2,875,000,000 Average household spending onContinue reading “Best Things about Thanks-Giving.”

Thanksgiving Heart-to-Heart

Some great thing to talk about on Thanksgiving….did you know? Thanksgiving Holiday Statistics Data Total number of Turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving Day 51,150,000 Total U.S. spending on Thanksgiving dinner food $2,875,000,000 Average household spending on Thanksgiving dinner $56.18 Average household spending on Thanksgiving weekend $312 Number of families that will travel for Thanksgiving 39,000,000 ApproximateContinue reading “Thanksgiving Heart-to-Heart”

How to Build Customer Loyalty

Here’s how to Build Loyalty Potential customers need items that can make them remember your company brand or image. There needs to be a token of appreciation and an extraordinary benefit, if you want to stand out from the competition. There are so many others in your field that are not providing these small extrasContinue reading “How to Build Customer Loyalty”

Come Bearing Gifts – Create Loyalty

How to Build Loyal Customer? Come bearing gifts! Basic Steps to  Building Relationships Have you ever seen a food frenzy at the office? Someone brings in bagels or donuts and everyone is instantly hungry and can’t stop thanking the generous giver. The same way we maintain friendships – by giving of our time, our resourcesContinue reading “Come Bearing Gifts – Create Loyalty”

2 Types of Corporate Gift-giving?

There are at least 2 Types of Corporate Gift-giving? Internal Gift-giving Corporate gifts can be internal to the company. A manager or executive can give to their employees to let them know that they are the company’s most important asset and resource. These internal gifts are defined as gifts that are given to the staff,Continue reading “2 Types of Corporate Gift-giving?”

6 Benefits Of Corporate Gift-Giving

CORPORATE GIFTING PROGRAM Gift Baskets Villas works marketing managers, owners, realtors who already have a gifting program in place or would like to implement a gift-giving programs for customers retention, new customers and referrals. If you presently do not have a Corporate Gifting Program in place and would like to grow your business, it wouldContinue reading “6 Benefits Of Corporate Gift-Giving”

Asking for a Referral with Pop-Bys.

 Asking For a Referral Sometimes it can be awkward to ask for a referral, however it’s much easier to request referrals before, during, and after working with a client who was satisfied with your performance. Remember to tell your customers at the end of a successful transaction that the highest compliment our customers can giveContinue reading “Asking for a Referral with Pop-Bys.”

3 Best Unique Gift Baskets for Men

Some men will be a tad bit embarrassed receiving a “Gift Basket”! They may appreciate  a toolbox or a fishing bucket much more. 1. Gift Baskets Villas Handyman’s Toolbox: Every man likes to know that he’s appreciated. This will make an impression on the guy who doesn’t wants a “gift basket”.  This is a more appropriateContinue reading “3 Best Unique Gift Baskets for Men”